Thumbs Up to Homemade Bread
Today is National Homemade Bread Day!  Not only is bread one of the "wonderful" foods on the food pyramid, but there is nothing better than homemade bread.
Tell Us the Worst Recipes You've Ever Seen
Times change, and so do tastes. Sometimes we look back at what passed as appealing cuisine in the past and wonder what the heck we were thinking. What are some of the least appealing recipes and foods that you remember?
Grocery Shopping Bags
I always am amazed by the people that bring their own bags to the grocery stores, the recycled bags.  I always think they have it together in their life.  Now what I mean by that, like saving the planet, they are organized and focused people.  I...
The Perfect Mimosa
I like pretty drinks...Meaning pretty colors.  Ask any of my friends, I'm so not a person that chooses alcohol over soda but I thought about it and this year is the year of the Mimosa.  It's that sparkly refreshing drink.
Holiday Cocktails To Add Some Cheer
New Jersey Monthly Magazine has a great article on area mixologists
In the December issue of NJ Monthly, they have a great article featuring area restaurants/bars and their favorite "holiday" themed cocktails. I thought I'd highlite a few and share a cocktail fav of mine...

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