Did you see the double rainbow this morning ?
So if your waking up this morning at the Jersey Shore did you get a chance to start the day with a double rainbow?
The photo above was taken here at Townsquare Towers in Downtown Toms River. Want to thank listener's who alerted me to the multi-color morning ... g...
Show Us Your Weather Photos
With Summer in Ocean County, we also get some interesting weather. Yesterday we seemed to get a lot of it all on the same day - from seeing rain falling in the distance to vivid rainbows, it was quite a day to be a weather watcher.
Shawn’s “Shutterblog” September 2012 [PHOTOS]
“I love photography as a hobby and I enjoy sharing my photos, many from right here at the Jersey Shore, I hope you enjoy taking alil time to relax as I share my visions with you” – Shawn Michaels
Each month we are going to visit a different town at the Jersey Shore &…