President Trump

Are YOU Voting For Cory Booker For President?
Are YOU Voting For Cory Booker For President? New Jersey Senator Corey Booker announced on Friday that he is running for President in 2020. Booker now joins a growing field of Democrats, who will try to challenge President Trump in 2020.
What Roads & Bridges Need Most Repair?
President Trump unveiled his infrastructure plan today in Washington. President Trump told local & state officials “Washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress. Washington will be your partner,” According to ABC News ..... Th...
YOUR Reaction to the State of the Union
President Trump addressed Congress and the American People with his first State of the Union Address from Washington on Tuesday evening. We wanna get your feedback on his speech and what you thought? Were YOU happy with what President Trump had to say or were you disappointed? Tak...
Will YOU Be Watching the State of the Union?
Millions will be tuned in Tuesday Night to watch President Trump give his very first "State of the Union" Address ..... will YOU be one of them? Whether you are for or against the President's policies. I think it helps all of us to watch and know what's going on, on Capit…

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