Pork Roll

The 10 Rules for Eating the Perfect Jersey Pork Roll
I was speaking with one of my favorite "New Jerseyans" and his favorite thing is of course, pork roll.  He said it reminds him of home and family.  "Others try to make that perfect pork roll but there's nothing like a true New Jersey pork roll sand…
The Famous Food of New Jersey
We love our food here at the Shore and through-out New Jersey!  Everything from the boardwalk fries to the farm fruits and veggies!  What's the most famous foods here in New Jersey?
Pork Roll at Dunkin Donuts in Ocean County?!
Today is a great day to be at the Jersey Shore and inside a Dunkin Donuts. As of today, select Dunkin Donuts locations will now have a pork roll breakfast sandwich. Yes, you will be able to get the Jersey Shore favorite at Dunkin! An article posted by app...

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