Ocean Medical Center

Amazing Baby Story
It's an incredible story of coincidences that happened right here in Ocean County! Twins giving birth at Ocean Medical Center in Brick ... TOGETHER!
32 year old "twin" sisters Danielle Manara Grant and Kim Manara Abraham ... who...
Local Hospitals Ranked Tops
When the time comes to check into a hospital, it's good to know that there are top notch medical facilities in Ocean County, including a pair of medical centers that just scored "A" grades on a national report card.
Holiday Eating Strategies (Audio)
Tis the season to toss sensible eating habits out the window. For many of us, the sugary, salty and or fried tasty holiday treats and hors d'oeuvres are just too good to pass up. The big concern? is that getting back on the right eating track after a holiday binge may not be as easy as you thin…

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