Ocean County Fair

A Special Memory From The Ocean County Fair
Story by George W. Forman
The Ocean County Fair takes place this week at Robert J. Miller Air Park in Berkeley Township. It’s a summer tradition for families to have a fun time on the rides, enjoy the great food, and check out the various animals and agricultural exhibits...
Fond Memories Of The Ocean County Fair
Friends and I were just talking about hidden talents.  When it was my turn to show off, I told them I'm an award winning chicken dancer.  Don't laugh!  I have 2 blue ribbons and 1 yellow ribbon from the Ocean County Fair to prove it!
Granted my wins were a long time ago, but …
Fair Flap or Teakettle Tempest?
Swarms of day campers converging on the Ocean County Fair in Berkeley Township found themselves sitting at picnic tables instead of on thrill rides in Friday's midday heat. The rides weren't opening until 6 PM, well past they time they'd be back home
Ocean County Fair Kicks Off
Car loads of families are arriving at the Robert J. Miller Air Park in Berkeley Township for the annual Ocean County Fair. The six-day event kicked off this evening at 5 p.m. and will run until Sunday. Other than the ever popular 4-H exhibits, prize animals, pig races, rides, county services displa…

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