Michael Ritacco

New Year, New Era for Toms River Schools
The 2014-15 school year marks the beginning of not only a new term, but also a new era for the Toms River School District.
New Superintendent David Healy was selected back in March, and he has big plans for what he calls "The Refinement Year...
A Fresh Start
With the search beginning for a new superintendent of schools in Toms River, the focus is on someone to advance the district forward and support the students.
picking a new superintendent
After losing one superintendent to a very public corruption scandal and another soon to a health crises, officials of New Jersey's fourth largest school district are hoping to involve residents in the selection of a new superintendent.
Questions About Michael Ritacco Still Linger
Michael Ritacco might be sitting in a prison cell at this very moment, but the wounds caused by corruption scandal by the former Toms River superintendent are still raw for many residents at the township Board of Education meeting.

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