Christmas with puppies and kittens!
Ok there seems to be a "pet alliance" between my Wife and Marianne Levy! Lately they are in cahoots when it comes to pets ... especially the dogs! One of the latest ideas they shared was having a special blanket for our dog Dex and , as Marianne suggested, April put in the dryer to…
How did kittens end up dead on Oceanport roadway?
Four kittens, about 12 weeks old each, found dead on an Oceanport thoroughfare this morning lead investigators to believe that they were thrown from a moving vehicle. Their question is, did anyone see it happen, and if so, will someone step up?
A Kitten and Her Bubbles[VIDEO]
This will make you smile, her name is Simba.  She has a really long tail and she's adorable.  But the amazing thing about her is that she can catch and swat all the bubbles in one swoop of her paw!