Justin Bieber

Do You Enjoy Comedy Roasts? I Don’t
Justin Bieber was the subject of a celebrity roast last night.  Though Comedy Central won't air it until March 30th, highlights are all over the internet today.  "Vulgar," Brutal," and "Trashy" are a few of the words that describe the gathe…
Justin Bieber Gets Food Poisoning [PHOTO]
Justin Bieber's trip to South America has been quite a headache for the singer, with the sleeping video, the junk food parties, the hookers, the graffiti and the hotel problems. Adding insult to injury, he got food poisoning while in Argentina...
Justin Bieber Is Going to Space
Both Beliebers and non-Beliebers will probably be thrilled at this news, but for very different reasons: Justin Bieber is going into space!
Sounds like he really needs an escape from all the drama in his life, no?

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