Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Real Housewives of New Jersey Spiritual Medium Gina Marie Dishes About The Cast
If you're a fan of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation or Real Housewives of New Jersey than chances are you've seen Gina Marie give a reading. Gina is a spiritual medium who I've been going to for years. I was so excited to see her on RHONJ so I thought I would share one of my mind-blowing moments from the reading with you. I also caught up with Gina to ask her some questions I think we all want the answers to! Plus there's details in here on how YOU can get your reading from Gina Marie too!
Are You Ready For The Return of the Jersey Shore Gang?
MTV has confirmed that the Jersey Shore Gang will return with a new series! "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" with a run in 2018 scheduled. The entire cast will reunite, except for "Sammi Sweetheart" who will not return. Will they vacation here at the Jersey Shore ... Read More ...