Boyz II Men Join Shawn and Sue [INTERVIEW]
Shawn & Sue talk with Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men about their new album, Vegas, Philly and Sports! Lots of fun with Boyz II Men!
Boyz II Men' latest album is entitled "Under the Streetlight" and it is a tribute to the days of harmonizing and doo-wop.
Do You Have a Good Luck Charm?
My friend just went on a job interview and carried a rock in her pocket. She feels it brings her good luck and thought having it with her would boost her chances of getting hired. Do you have a piece of clothing or jewelry or some other object that you consider your good luck charm?
Exit 82 Theatre Company
Our friends "Billy & Brandy" from Exit 82 Theatre Company joined us In-Studio to talk about their latest project "The Wedding Singer"
The Exit 82 Theatre Company presents the musical The Wedding Singer at the Strand Theatre in Lakewood Friday, August 4 &nda…
A Foreigner's First New York City Christmas Experience
I think there are a lot of things that we take for granted living in the greater New York and Philadelphia metro areas. For me, Christmas in New York is one of those things. But I had the opportunity to experience Christmas in New York through the eyes of someone seeing it for the very first time.
Holiday Music Coming To New Jersey
When it comes to holiday music, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of the biggest acts in the world! TSO is coming to our area this holiday season. Shawn Michaels sat down to talk with TSO drummer Jeff Plate about music, holidays and giving to charity.

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