Keeping From Being Overloaded With E-mails
Do you look at emails throughout the day, whenever a new message arrives? Or, do you only check for messages a few times a day? Do you delete messages after you've read them or keep them (like I do) because you may want to refer back to them? What's YOUR best tip for keeping e-mail from …
More Cruise Myths Debunked
Yesterday I hope I put to bed some safety and space concerns you may have had about cruising. Today I'd like to debunk a few more myths about vacationing at sea.
Need To Stay Connected:  Don't worry, most ships have internet access.   The speed and reliability may not be 100% of what you're used to a…
Travel-itis Impeded By Analysis Paralysis
I’ll be doing some travelling in the coming months and have come to a conclusion.  There is no best way to make arrangements.  So much relies on individual personality, the relationship between you and the person or people you’ll be travelling with, and whet…
Massive Cable Outage Hits Ocean County [Map]
This morning, I was watching a movie on HBO when a message suddenly popped up that the channel isn't available. I've had that happen in the past when a promotion has expired and I have to call and re-add the channel to my package, but it was strange for it to happen in the middle of the mo…
Having Internet Problems Today? Here's Why
As I do every morning when I get up, I went to check my email and news websites this morning. After waiting a few minutes for the pages to load to no avail, I figured that I was just having a problem with my connection. But, it turns out that I'm not the only Jersey Shore resident having issues toda…
Dan Rather Explains Internet Slang [Video]
Do you hear your kids calling each other "bae"? Have you heard them say that someone or something is "on fleek"? Have you wondered just what the heck they're talking about? Well, why not turn to one of the most trusted men in news, Dan Rather, as he explains …
This Is The Strangest Thing You Can Buy On Amazon
The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can get almost anything you could ever need or think of. Not to mention a lot of things that you'd never think of. But I think I've come across the truly strangest thing that you can get on mega-retailer
What Happened to Dating?
Technology is great. But, at the same time, technology can be awful. Technology has made it easier than ever to meet new people. But it also seems like it's made people lazier than ever when it comes to interacting with others.
How Does The Internet Change People?
If you were with a group of people and someone was telling a story that didn't particularly interest you, would you pipe up in the middle of the conversation and say, "who cares!"? Probably not. So why do some people feel like that's ok to do online?

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