Internal Revenue Service

Monmouth AARP Foundation recruiting volunteers for tax prep
The last quarter of 2015 has arrived. Three months from now, after the end-of-year holidays, you'll be digging out receipts, tax bills and invoices that will shape your federal tax return. If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck and you need help, it can be expensive. But it need not be.
Shore pizzeria owners admit cooking the books
The Somers Point couple who own the iconic Manco & Manco pizzeria chain have an October 8 sentencing date for skipping federal tax payments, structuring cash to avoid reporting requirements and lying to investigators of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Beware of Phone Scam
If some calls saying you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money or that you're getting a refund--it's a scam warns Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.
IRS Warns Of New Phone Scam
There's a new scam to be on the lookout for.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said callers are posing as agents from IRS in an attempt to get your money, and anyone can be a target, especially middle and lower income earners and immigrants.

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