Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fans Unite!
If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you won't want to miss "Potter Con 2017" it's coming in June to the Jersey Shore. Thousands of Potter fans will gather in Asbury Park on Saturday, June 10th at Convention Hall! Events for Potter fans will take through out the country, but locally it's Asbury Park where you wanna grab your wand and head to! ...
Daniel Radcliffe Will Hack into a Mexican Cartel in ‘We Do Not Forget’
Oddly enough, Daniel Radcliffe has proven to be an indie film powerhouse since the Harry Potter films ended. And what a year he’s had: along with a role as a tech genius in Now You See Me 2, he’s played a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man that taught us the nature of being human, and an FBI agent who infiltrates a Neo-Nazi organization in Imperium. Now he’s signed on with Zachary Quinto for a movie about Anonymous and the Mexican cartel Los Zetas.

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