Halftime Show

Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows Of The Last 15 Years
In just a few days, not only will the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers fight for bragging rights as the champions of The NFL's golden anniversary Super Bowl, but people will also be gather around their TVs for the other entertainment of the night - the commercials and the halftime show,…
Did You Like Katy Perry?
Last night's Super Bowl spectacle brought something for everyone to the table - a great sports competition and a flashy pop performance. So what did you think, was Katy Perry's performance a good fit for the biggest sporting event in America?
Watch The Most Amazing Halftime Show Ever [Video]
Football halftime shows can go anywhere from Superbowl celeb-fests to out of tune and out of step disasters. But this past weekend, The Ohio State University put together a ridiculously choreographed and creative homage to famous movie themes. I can only imagine how much rehearsal this took to put t…