Flu Season

5 Things NOT to Touch During Flu Season
It's cold & flu season and this years "flu" is said to be extremely harsh, so anything you can do to avoid being sick is definitely worth taking into consideration. In a recent ABC News report there are 5 things according to health officials to avoid touching during &a…
Flu season in NJ downgraded
The latest Centers for Disease Control Influenza map show flu-like illness in New Jersey has been downgraded from widespread to moderate, but state health officials don't think this means that flu season has necessarily peaked.
Have You Gotten The New Smaller Needle Flu Shot?
On a routine visit to my doctor's office about two weeks ago, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a flu shot while I was there. It turns out that my doctor's office is one of a number of offices offering the "intradermal flu shot", which has the benefits of a smaller needle and less…