Judge Sides with Margate in Beach Replenishment Suit
Margate wins a round in their ongoing battle over seizing beach front land to build sand dunes. A federal judge sided with the town's assertion that the state should not have used an administrative order to obtain easements giving government the right to carry out the work...
Sand Dune Fights Continue
More than 19 months after Superstorm Sandy lashed New Jersey, beachfront homeowners are still fighting efforts to build large sand dunes on their properties to protect against future hurricanes.
christie addresses holdouts
Hundreds of beachfront homeowners are still refusing to grant permission for a system of dunes to be built along their property, a project the governor says will help protect New Jersey's coastline during future storms.
Scrambling To Rebuild
Following the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy almost one year ago, municipalities up and down the Jersey Shore are recovering, rebuilding and preparing for another possible storm. In part two of our five-part series: Are We Ready? We hear the answer right now is 'no.'
First Steps
Several shore towns are introducing ordinances aimed at taking legal action against holdouts of easement needed to build a protective dune system along the coast.
Keeping Up The Fight
Amidst a decision by the Governor to declare an Executive Order allowing the construction of dunes on property even where easements weren't signed, and the state's decision to award a one dollar settlement to the Harvey Cedars couple who sued over obstructed views, the attorney for the cou…

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