Do You Agree With NJ's Best Breakfast Spot?
Apparently September is "National Breakfast Month" (who knew?). To celebrate, we're seeing plenty of lists for best places for this, perfect spots for that, etc.
But one list has narrowed the choices down to simply the best breakfast spots in every state. So I want to know if y…
Where's The Best Cup of Coffee at the Jersey Shore ?
To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions. ~ Hugh Jackman
So we all love our morning cup of coffee and the afternoon cup and the after dinner cup etc etc .... but where is the best place here at the Jersey Shore to get that perfect cup of joe ?
Justin's Life Hacks - The Ketchup Hack [Video]
It's that time once again, another edition of "Justin's Life Hacks". This time around, we're tackling a problem that we have all run into when out to dinner - those full ketchup bottles that just don't want to give up their tangy treasure, But, did you know that…