The Case Of The Disappearing Snacks
We've probably all noticed that in the past few years, serving sizes of food have gotten smaller and smaller. It's a combination of Americans being more health conscious, and companies being more cost conscious. But even I was surprised at what was waiting for me when I cracked into a sing…
A New Oreo Flavor Is On The Way
I openly admit that one of my guilty pleasures is Oreos. Lately they've gotten pretty creative with branching out into new, fun flavors (I love the lemon ones). And they just announced a new flavor coming up.
Oh Oreo You Keep Doing This To Me
It's OK you make me very happy.  The Oreo...a fantastic cookie, great for dipping or just nibbling on when the belly is rumbling.  Now Oreo is coming out with some new flavors!  Give it to us, Oreo.

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