My Favorite Foreign Food
After my vacation to the Midwest last summer, I talked about some of the foods that I enjoy that we can't get here in New Jersey. But there are some foods that you have to cross international borders to enjoy.
This Video Proves That Winter Could Always Be Worse
We may be whining and moaning about the cold, snow, and ice that we've had to deal with this winter, but let's take a moment for a little perspective - at least we're not in Canada. While we're dealing with inches of snow, they're dealing with feet. In fact, so much that this guy figured that it wou…
Watch This Train Blast Through The Snow [Video]
Ok, this is cool! Let's continue today's theme of unusual ways to get through the snow. First, we had the cat who claws his way through a 4 foot high blockade, and now we have this - a Canadian train that couldn't care less about snow that's built up on the tracks. The locomotive literally plows thr…
Sign For Your Supper - Check Out A Unique Restaurant [Video]
I've known a number of deaf people over the years. While it can be challenging for them to interact with the hearing world, they always do fantastic jobs of making their way through. This unique restaurant in Canada flips the tables. Instead of deaf folks communicating patiently while surrounded by …

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