Bill would remove minimum boating age
Boating is a popular pastime in the Garden State and a proposed bill from Assemblyman Erik Peterson would allow children to participate in the hobby by removing the minimum age at which a person can obtain a boating license.
Watch - An Amazing Relic Recovered From a Shipwreck [Video]
Two years ago, a man in Canada miraculously survived the sinking of his boat. Along with the craft, a camera filled with photographs went down with the ship. The pictures included not only vacation photos but also important, sentimental pictures as well. Amazingly, after two years underwater, the ca…
vigilance At the beach
New Jersey officials have been working for months to clear Sandy debris out of the ocean and in back bays up and down the Jersey Shore, but boaters and swimmers are still being advised to stay vigilant for possible problems.
We’ve Found the Cutest Thing on the Internet [Video]
The Internet is full of cute things. Puppies, kittens, all kinds of adorable critters. But I think this video has to be right at the top of the cuteness contest. A baby sea lion who decided to hop into a boat and chill out with the family spending a day in the water for an hour or so. Watch the vide…
Will There Be A Boating Season?
New Jersey's waterways were trashed by Sandy. Winds and storm surges laced popular boating channels with boats, cars, backyard sheds and furniture belonging to local residents.

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