Animal Baby Rescue: Playin’ Possum! [VIDEO]
Sue and I were saying on the air the other morning that I feel like "Dr Doolittle" these days because of my encounters with so many animals. Spring is a season for babies and that may be why I'm running into so many. My latest encounter involved a baby possum or as they are so…
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
It is cold outside today and for the next couple of is cold outside baby!  But this song is from Michael Buble' and Idina Menzel (the "Let it Go" "Frozen" girl) singing their LITTLE hearts out!
Banned Baby Names…Who Knew??
At the end of every year, among the myriad of "best of" lists, we always see lists of the most popular baby names. They're usually nice names like Emma, Jacob, Hannah, and Matthew.

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