We Almost Lived in a World Where Jeff Goldblum Was the Voice of Apple’s Siri
We don’t really need further evidence that we are living in a total nightmare (or an alternate timeline, if you’re one of Those People), but then a piece of news comes along that forces us to confront the true horror of reality by offering a painful glimpse at a beautiful life that could’ve been — and never was (at least not in this timeline, if you’re one of Those People). Today, it’s the heartbreaking revelation that Jeff Goldblum — national treasure, king of the silver foxes and master of the universe — could have been the voice of Siri on your iPhone. In the mournful words of the wise Adele, WE COULD’VE HAD IT AAAALLLLLL.
This iPhone ‘Theatre Mode’ Update Sounds Like a Threat
It’s hard to pass judgment on iPhone’s new “theatre mode” because, well, it doesn’t exist out in the real world just yet. But according to a new report, that might be changing sooner rather than later, as Apple’s latest update is said to include this mysterious function. What is it, exactly? What does it do? Is this good news or bad news? Is the sanctity of the theatrical experience facing a new, insidious threat? Whatever it is, we’ll probably find out on January 10, when the iOS 10.3 beta rolls out to iPhone users.
Top Apps For 2016 [LIST]
Apple has released the top "apps" of 2016, have you downloaded any of these apps? Snapchat Facebook Messenger Pokemon Go Instagram Facebook You Tube Google Maps Pandora Netflix Spotify The top "paid app" of 2016 was Ellen DeGenere's game "Heads Up" What's your favorite app ? ...
Fall Triggers
Now that Labor Day is over ... so is Summer, unofficially. Now that "Fall" is right around the corner, what is it that gets you thinking "Autumn"  is it pumpkins or apples ? These two have become iconic symbols of the season ... w...
My Phone Knows Where I’m Going, And It’s Creepy
Take a look at the picture above - that's the alert that I got on my Pebble smart watch from my iPhone as I was leaving the office a little while ago to head to the Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio. Nice, right? The only problem is, I have no idea how my phone knew that's where I was going.
A New Addition To Toms River
A great new addition to Toms River is the new Simply Mac store at the Ocean County Mall.. They are having their official grand opening this Friday, July 10th ... Listen Here For More Details ....    

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