What’s Your Favorite App?
Remember the "old days" when cell phones made calls and that was about it? I remember being really excited when I could get a message with baseball scores once a day. But these days there are literally thousands of "Apps" that you can use to add functionality to y…
An Open Letter to the CEO of Apple
As I've reflected on the iPhone 5 review that I wrote earlier, I kept coming back to the same theme in my mind and decided to try to do something about it. So I thought I'd write an open letter to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook:
Justin Louis Reviews the iPhone 5
Apple's newest gadget has been out for about a week and a half now, and I've had a bit of time to play with one. If you'd like some insight into why I chose to upgrade to the iPhone 5, click here for my previous iPhone article. In the meantime, here are my early thoughts:
Why I’m an iPhone Person
Apple has finally released pre-sales figures, previously all we knew was that they sold out their pre-sale stock within an hour. But for all we knew, they only had 100 to sell. But I can take off my cyniccal hat, they say that they pre-sold 2 million units in the first 24 hours (although that still …
When Did ‘Smart Phones’ Get So Smart?
Apple's iPhone 4s has brought the concept of a "smart phone" to a whole new level. With the new "personal assistant", Siri, it can do just about everything but make your breakfast (although it CAN help you order your breakfast from the corner diner).