Toms River Developer Donating Downtown Park
More than 30 years ago Toms River resident and developer Gary Lotano started decorating the municipal Christmas tree downtown, so it's not surprising he's now donating a temporary park that soon will be built at the corner of Washington and Robbins Streets, where a fire gutted an office bu…
This Month Just Never Ends
January 2014 will go down as the coldest and a lot of snow..more snow than what we've seen in a long time, but it will go down as the longest month EVER!
Tell Us How the Snow Removal in Your Area Was
I was not a happy camper this morning. As all people who live in condominium developments do, I pay an association fee monthly. That fee is supposed to cover landscaping, outdoor maintenance, and snow removal. But instead, I woke up to an untouched winter wonderland.