Hi I'm T.  Sue is my Mommy.  How are all my "barking" friends today?  So I know Mommy told you all about my new little sister Taffy.  She's a little cotton ball that loves chewing at my ears.  This is what we do all day together...sing...

I have to tell you she loves chewing things.  I remember when I was a puppy and I always chewed on Mommy's sheets, but Taffy chews on everything.  There's bones all over the place for her to chew on...she'll take a shoe instead.

It's funny, I always thought I liked being by myself as the dog of the house but I'm really having fun with Taffy.

Moms and Dad's out there do you have any ideas how to help my Mommy with Taffy and the chewing!  Please.... because she even chews on my tail.


Until next time...My tail's a wagging!