Tonight for dinner I could'nt resist "sushi" I do like to have from time to time. Ive noticed though that when you ask people .... Sushi ? You usually get the reply "LOVE" or "HATE" followed by maybe "GROSS". I must admit I'm kinda a sushi wimp, I wont go for the exotic types like eel , but I love shrimp, salmon, crab, california and even veggie rolls! For those who have never tried I think you would be surprised how tastey it is! Add alil ginger and wasabi on the side and you have lunch or dinner. Wasabi by the way is fantastic and it packs a punch, go easy ! It's great for your sinuses lol it'll work better than "vicks" sometimes. Many compare it to a hot mustard. Next time your out try one sushi roll, even a veggie roll to see how you like it...I'm betting you'll be back for more! Oh and be sure to eat with chop-sticks, it's all part of the experience


Photo by Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media