Brick Township students have until 7 a.m. Tuesday to remove any sexual images or videos from their phones and electronic devices, warned District officials in a letter to parents Friday following concerns high school students are sexting, according to

Atsushi Tomura, Getty Images

The warning, published on the District's website Friday, comes on the heels of two high-profile cases gaining national attention. One involved naked photo sharing in Rochester, Mich., where 30 teens could be facing felony child pornography charges. The other was in Virginia, where naked images of teenage girls in a Louisa County high school wound up on a website.

"It has come to our attention that some of our Brick Township High School students may be engaging in this improper behavior. This matter is a serious issue that demands a prompt and appropriate response," wrote Schools Superintendent Walter Uszenski.

"Often, students participate in the sharing of provocative images of themselves and others without realizing the potential consequences," noted Uszenski. "The Brick Township Police Department, Ocean County Prosecutor's Office and I want all parents to be advised that the possession and/or transmission of sexually revealing or explicit images, or any materials of that nature, constitute the very serious crimes of possession and transmission of child pornography. It is illegal to create/manufacture, transfer, transmit or possess child pornography. These acts fall under New Jersey Stature 2C:24-4, Endangering the Welfare of Children."