It looks like more work has been done on the building in Beachwood, but it's been a while now, just wondering if anyone knows when will it be opening?

The Farm Stores website says, "Coming Soon." There is still no date.

It's been a while since the Welsh Farms drive-thru convenience store closed its doors and I was asking what do you think would be a good fit for this particular location in Beachwood. Well, we definitely know it's a Farm Store Drive-Thru. Click here to find out everything you need to know about Farm Store Drive-Thru. The Toms River location is open on Rt. 37, Beachwood's is "Opening Soon", and Brick's location is "Opening Soon."

So if you are a resident in the area have you missed the former Welsh Farms Drive-Thru? Are you looking forward to this new "drive-thru" convenience store in Beachwood?

Farm Stores first opened in 1958 and are known for their convenience and their daily fresh baked bread and their fresh-squeezed orange juice. Farm stores will have milk, bread, and lots of other essentials, too. If you've heard when the grand opening is in Beachwood, I would love to pass it on. The Farm Store in Beachwood looks like it's going to be big, compared to the one in Toms River.

I personally can wait until it opens, from what I hear, they have awesome specials each day. From pigs in a blanket to their fresh-baked bread. Try their hot chocolate, it is really good.

Check this out:

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