I'm so jealous if you get to stay home.  Just once I would love to stay home in the warm house and smell turkey and stuffing in our house.

But thank goodness I still have my Mom and Dad and we go to Pennsylvania to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole family.  My brother always cooks for all of us.  This year will be a little sad, my Aunt Jane is in a nursing home permanently because her Parkinson's Disease has gotten worse.  So there will be one less at our table of joy.  And one of the family traditions was my Mom and Aunt wearing those pilgrim socks...this year no pilgrim socks, hopefully she'll have them on when we visit.  I'm pulling out my pilgrim socks to keep the tradition going.  As I get older I have to remember the older generation in my family gets older, too.  And slowly the table of joy will be dwindling and for this year and every year ahead I will be thankful for my Mom and Dad that they can still sit at our table and enjoy.

Will you be traveling on Thursday or will you be having Thanksgiving at home?