Those of us who live in this part of the country know that winter can be very cold.  We are used to bundling up and dealing with snow and ice.  But when the temperatures get this low, it actually hurts to be outside!  Why, dear winter, must you make my teeth hurt when I'm walking through a parking lot.  Why, even with wool socks, are my toes screaming?  And is that pain in the ears really necessary?

I got curious about the way these crazy cold temps are affecting our bodies so I did some reading online.  It gave me a whole new appreciation for people who have to work outdoors!  Exposure to extremely low temperatures can be downright dangerous, so I encourage you to check out the links that follow.  You can read more about hypothermia at this website  And to learn about frostbite, click here

Where do you feel the cold the worst?  Toes?  Fingers? Nose? Ears? Teeth?  Take care and stay safe!



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