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Another Local Business Abandons Storefront On Route 9 in Bayville
As a Bayville resident that works in Toms River, I drive down Route 9 daily. I was surprised to find out that a business I pass by every day - - a local, community-minded business - - was no longer part of the landscape. In what seems like a sad sign of the times, it is no more.
COVID-19 Vaccination Site Added in Ocean County; Here's The List
Through March 19th, Google reports that 3.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered. Nationwide the number rockets to 116 million. Meanwhile, many eligible Ocean County residents are struggling to get an appointment. Having this list of vaccine locations may help:
Former Eagles All-Pro Selling Immaculate Mansion in New Jersey
After 8 years with the Eagles, a 3-time All-Pro Wide Receiver is on the hunt for a new team and his New Jersey home is on the hunt for a new owner. Incredibly enough, the price isn't breathtaking but some of its rooms and amenities are. Let's take a peek inside!
My NJ COVID Tale; The Moment My Heart Sunk In Ocean County
I take COVID-19 seriously. I wear a mask. I social distance. I wash my hands. I sanitize. And because I do all those things, I never expected to be taking a rapid test for COVID-19. However, there I was on Thursday night. My experience was frustrating, uncomfortable, and frightful from beginn…
1 Year Later, 22 Jersey Shore Businesses We've Lost During COVID
The pandemic has hit our country's economy hard, and that is increasingly visible right here in our own community. A growing number of popular New Jersey businesses have served their final customers. We're taking a look at the (unfortunately) growing list of local businesses that have clo…

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