NEWARK -- Bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami told investigators some of the explosive devices found in New Jersey and New York were made in his Elizabeth bedroom.

An unnamed federal law enforcement official told USA Today that Rahami is conscious, alert and answering questions about the explosion of a trash can in Seaside Park, a pressure cooker bomb in the Chelsea section of Manhattan and five explosives found in Elizabeth in September. He had been unable to speak with investigators following surgery for bullet wounds from his gun battle with Linden police.

Thirty-one people were injured in the Manhattan explosion.

The report said investigators have gone back to Rahami's family's Elizabeth apartment for another search, in an effort to back up his story.

Rahami is being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union after he was denied a public defender by the Department of Justice. According to USA Today, a public safety clause in the law allows questioning of a suspect if a threat to the public still exists.

“The right of an accused person to have an attorney is a fundamental, undeniable right, regardless of the charges,” said Alexander Shalom, ACLU-NJ senior staff attorney. “It’s extremely disturbing that Mr. Rahami’s lawyers have not been able to verify their client’s health condition, including his level of consciousness. No one’s interests are protected when law enforcement attempts to circumvent the Constitution.”

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