One of the most common things to haggle for is the price of a new car. But do you think to haggle for other common expenses as well?

Cable Bills - You can almost always save money on your cable bill just by calling up and asking. Most of the time, the representative that you speak to will offer you a promotion (so many months of free premium channels, a "bundle" option, etc). Keep track of when the promotions are going to expire, and call back to ask about the current promotions.

Credit Card Fees - If you always pay your credit card on time, your credit card company will love you. We've all had it happen though that a payment slips through the cracks and you may make a late payment. Usually, if you call them up and explain (I was on vacation once and didn't have ready access to a computer), as long as you have a history of paying on time, 99% of the time they'll remove the fee (although I've noticed that they love to explain that "this is a one time courtesy").

Bank Fees - The same goes for bank fees. I had a situation a few months ago where my checking account dipped $1 below the minimum balance for all of 12 hours but, since it's an automatic system, they slapped me with a whopping $45 fee. I called immediately and they removed the fee.

Upgrade Charges - One of my biggest pet peeves these days are the upgrade fees that wireless carriers charge. Especially when you've been a loyal customer for years. The upgrade fees have gone up to around $30 these days. Again, a polite phone call explaining that you're a loyal, long time customer, will usually nix the charge.

It's worth remembering that most of the time whether to remove a charge or not is at the discretion of the customer service rep, so being calm and polite will always help your cause!

What are some of your tips for talking down costs? Let us know in the comments section!

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