The investigation into the death of Lambertville resident Sarah Majoras continues, despite the fact that authorities are convinced it was a tragic accident.

Sarah Majoras (Facebook photo via Find Sarah Majoras)

Hunterdon County Prosecutor says, "There do not appear to be any signs of foul play…Miss Majoras was found with all her personal effects intact. Nevertheless, we still say to the public if they have any information - if they have anything they want to bring forward to us, we certainly are willing listen to that and look at that and consider that."

He says, "What we've come up with to this point is there does not appear to be anything suspicious, and that's based upon the examination by the medical examiners office and our office, and the way we discovered Miss Majoras and how she appeared…There's no sign of injuries and none of her personal belongings were missing - cell phone, wallet identification, money, things of that nature were all on her person."

The prosecutor adds, "We're saddened by this and we say to the community, we've put all the resources towards this that we possibly could and until we're completely satisfied this is done and over we will continue to work on it…There's certain questions that we may never be able to answer- that's just the reality - and what this looks like at this point is just a tragic accident."

He also says a boot belonging to Majoras was found in the water, but with the movement of the water it's very likely it could have become dislodged.

"We've conducted interviews," says Kearns, "and processed the information and do not believe there was any foul play. There's no reason to believe Lambertville is not a safe community, this appears to be a tragic accident. I ask everybody to use good common sense in terms of their own safety."

Joe Ujj, a long-time friend of Sarah Majoras, says, "Do I think my friend slipped and fell into the canal? No we don't slip in the canal, but weirder things happen. We all want to think how could that happen? How could Sarah slip and fall? She doesn't walk the canal - no girl would walk the canal at 2 in the morning…It's still a question, it's still a mystery, and if that is going to remain the answer, then I think a lot of us are going to have to deal with it. But, it's better than a violent answer."

A memorial will be held on Saturday in Majoras' memory.  The Find Sarah Majoras Facebook page says a vigil will begin at 5 p.m. in the parking lot of Lambertville Station.