WOW, I had no idea, some New Jersey businesses allow to bring your dog to work. I love it!

It's becoming bigger and bigger through-out the country and you might not to have to leave your best friend at home anymore. More and more companies are allowing your four-legged friend to come to work with you.

41% of Americans think there should be some wet tongues while they work and mainly it's the Millennials. the workforce will definitely be changing in the future, it is already. I would love if I could bring my dog into work with me. She could sit right next to me in the studio. I truly believe that petting a dog relaxes everyone. CLICK HERE for the companies that allow pets come to work with you.

Instead of candy in the candy dish, bones for treats! Don't forget the pooper-scooper bags!

Do you want to take your dog to work with you? Thumbs up or thumbs down to pet-friendly offices.

Check these adorable videos out of my dog doing "people" things! It's Taffy in the spotlight, I love her so much:



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