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Shawn & Sue's Christmas Carol Contest 2020
Although the schools will not be facing off exclusively this year, we are going to have a Christmas singing competition. The "Tinsel Trophy" will go to whoever wins the popular vote for their best Christmas Carol. So our competition is open to EVERYONE!
Do YOU Love These As Well ?
I have to come clean, if you bring me one of these “holiday tins” I will eat it, not the tin, but pretty much all the popcorn. It’s such a simple thing, but they are great!
Face Mask Legislation Could Be Coming to New Jersey and Nation
Many months ago, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed multiple executive orders outlining mask usage. While most people follow, sadly I see people disregard these throughout our state as COVID-19 infections and death totals continue to rise. Now, a couple of United States Senators have written an…

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