An Asbury Park teen is sentenced to 90 days in jail for the near fatal neglect of a 7-month-old Pit Bull named 'Heaven' Tuesday.  According to the Asbury Park Press, 19-year-old Tyshon Taylor will be allowed to remain free for 20 days while he decides whether he will appeal the sentence.

His mother, Amanda Boyd was fined $756 dollars and the Grandmother Norma Manuel $506 and both must serve 30 days of community service for allowing the severe neglect of the puppy under the roof of their Mattison Avenue home. All three defendants are also barred from owning animals again.

Taylor kept the puppy tethered to a pole in the basement. It was his Grandmother who noticed the dog was ill and unable to stand and brought the emaciated puppy to the Shrewsbury Animal Hospital in Tinton Falls in November.The animal hospital notified Monmouth County SPCAOfficer Victor “Buddy” Amato.Read More: Owners of Heaven the Pit bull Confess to Cruelty Charges | //

Heaven was kept tethered to a poll in the family's basement and nearly starved to death. The puppy was unable to stand and suffered from severe skin infections from lying in its own urine when it was taken to the Shrewsbury Animal Hospital in Tinton Falls by the Grandmother in November.