If you've traveled Robbins Street in the last day or so, you may have noticed a new addition to the beige and grey downtown buildings. A brightly colored graffiti "tag" was added to a building in the last day or so.

The thing that first stood out to me is the fact that it's not in a particularly prominent location. Being that turning left onto Robbins Street from Water Street is prohibited during the day, not many people will be going in that direction to see the new display.

But I also noticed the fact that it's literally directly outside the office of our Digital Managing Editor. Maybe it wasn't put in a high public visibility location, but put in a location where the local media would take note.

Which, to be fair, we did.

So here's the thing, Mr. or Mrs. Graffiti Artist - you do decent work. Nice line work. Good color choice. But we do have outlets for you to express your artistic talent. In fact, you could even win a nice chunk of change for decorating downtown Toms River.

I get it, it's a pride thing. All your friends get to see the fact that you did your best Spider-Man act and got away with it. But I'm here to encourage you to funnel that artistic enthusiasm into a larger (and maybe even more lucrative) outlet.

Hey, who knows, going legit could be the beginning of a lifelong career path!

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