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The past couple of years have been all about rebooting old TV Shows and movies: Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie's Angels, and most recently, the announcement of a Friends reunion possibly in the works.

I decided to take to the WOBM Facebook page to find out which shows Ocean County would like to see a reboot of. There were some really awesome answers!

Quite a few people wanted to see a Friends reboot, so hopefully, the plans for the reunion work out! Another popular option was Golden Girls - maybe they could do something based around Betty White's character, Rose? Another fun suggestion was The Mickey Mouse Club, and I think this would be a great idea since the 90s Reboot was so popular, and gave us stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake! (There was a Club Mickey Mouse in 2017, but it was only available on social media). A few of you also wanted to see The King of Queens back on your TV screens, and I agree!

Check out the full list in the post above. If any of your favorite shows didn't make the list, comment below.

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