It seems like car thefts are one of those things that never go out of style no matter how advanced technology gets.

Even with keyless entry, push-to-start, and most cars having alarms these days, some people still make it not only enticing but easy for their cars to get stolen.

That's why the Ocean County Sheriff put both a warning and a reminder out today.

The warning part of it says that the county cops have been getting reports recently of numerous car thefts in our area.

The reminder part of the post states something that feels obvious but bears repeating - don't leave valuables in view and for goodness sake lock your car and take your keys with you.

Here's the Friday afternoon Facebook post from the Ocean County Sheriff's official Facebook page:

Something like not leaving your wallet sitting on top of the center console may seem obvious, but it's also worth keeping in mind that leaving a briefcase, purse, or backpack in plain view tempts potential thieves to take what isn't theirs.

On the same note, it may feel obvious to say that you should always lock your car door, but we all have those times when you carry a full load of groceries into the house and simply forget to hit the lock button.

Locking your car could be the difference between being a victim and not. A criminal could go through a neighborhood or parking lot and simply try door handles until they get to one that lets them in and they can take whatever they want.

It's not worth drawing attention by breaking a window, but if the car door isn't even locked, they can be in and out in a matter of seconds.

So, as the Ocean County Sheriff's post says - Lock your car. Take your keys. Hide your belongings.


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