Did you hear about the couple who visited 645 Cracker Barrels?  That means over the span of 40 years, they visited the chain restaurant all around the country.  Ray and Wilma Yoder recently enjoyed a celebration organized by the company to thank them for their brand loyalty.

Ray's job had him delivering RVs all over the USA so Cracker Barrel became his "go-to" destination when he wanted a good meal and a homey atmosphere.  His wife has been keeping him company for more than 30 years.

This seems like a nice thing for a married couple to do; to set a goal of visiting every Cracker Barrel on the map.  I'm sure they made great memories over the years and must be feeling quite accomplished now having visited every single one.

Do you have any sort of fun goal for your retirement?   Maybe you want to visit all the National Parks?   Is there one restaurant YOU could eat at again and again?  A place that you love to see when you're far away from home?

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