Today, April 4th, is National School Librarian Day! What a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication of these often unsung heroes. Things have changed a lot since I was in school, and today's librarians do so much more than just help decipher the Dewey Decimal System and check out books.

They are tech experts - helping students search and navigate the internet for relevant, reliable materials for term papers and science fair projects.

Some are involved in event planning; putting together programs to promote literacy and help build educational communities.

Some are even entertainers -singing songs or telling stories to engage youngsters in the joy of reading.

They've been detectives - tracking down reference materials and hidden sources long before Google was ever invented.

Who is (or was) your favorite school librarian in Ocean County? Give them a shout out today. Recognition of their invaluable contributions to children's education is PAST DUE. But don't worry, there won't be any fines imposed on those of you who comment below.


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