In its annual report to state lawmakers, "Report to the Legislature 2014," AAA Clubs of New Jersey included a survey on road conditions and the commute. Drivers were asked to rate their satisfaction with roads in the Garden State and the results revealed they are not very happy.

(Vladimir Mucibabic, ThinkStock)

"What we found is that 37 percent or the majority of those asked said that their commutes have gotten worse for the first time since 2007," said Cathleen Lewis, AAA New Jersey Automobile Club regional director of public and government affairs. "This is the first time in seven years that a majority of those surveyed have said that it has gotten worse."

Thirty-five percent said their commute had stayed the same. Drivers in North Jersey were more likely to say their commute had gotten worse than motorists in any other part of the state.

"What's key to this is; we asked this question back in November which means it was before all those potholes and those winter storms had hit," Lewis explained. "Our local roads are the ones that are getting some of the worst ratings now and those are the roads that haven't seen as much transportation funding."

There was positive news in the survey. Drivers continue rate New Jersey's major interstates and toll roads the highest. The New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway got the highest ratings with 70 percent of drivers saying they are "good" or excellent."