Love her or hate her, Nicki Minaj is regarded as arguably the best judge on 'American Idol' for season 12, giving insight beyond that of legendary multi-octave diva Mariah Carey.

But that doesn't mean Minaj necessarily wants to do this ever again.

"Would I come back next season? I think people would rather be surprised," the Harajuku Barbie told MTV.

"I like to save the mystery and the drama. I'd never give that away," she added.

Weird, she usually has no problem sharing drama on set. Maybe she's saving it for exclusively on-camera debacles to boost ratings -- because from the sounds of it, she knows that it works to generate buzz.

"I definitely did not have an idea of what it would be because I had never done anything close to 'American Idol,' " Minaj admitted. "I think one of the things I was shocked about was how interested the world is in 'American Idol' and how people, writers, they write about 'Idol' all the time, and I guess I didn't expect that."

While she's being cagey about a potential return, Minaj does speak of the show fondly, showing that her occasional lack of diplomacy on set may not spill over everywhere else.

"I always say this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, just that people behind the scenes at 'Idol' have been a dream to work with," she gushed. "I'm just super grateful to have been given the opportunity."


"They need to offer me a mint, and maybe I'll come back for another round." Glad to clear that up.

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