Have you ever referred to the Academy Awards as "your Superbowl?"  I mean, is the annual Oscars ceremony something you look forward to and like to watch with friends?  It's usually a great night and I think it's best when shared with other movie loving people.  Similar to inviting pals over for the big football game, you can have a movie themed party on Sunday as you all watch on TV.

Before the show starts, or maybe during the categories that you're not interested in, you might play some New Jersey Actor Trivia.   So many of our finest thespians come from the great Garden State so you could pull together some questions about Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon, and Kevin Spacey for example.  In addition, you could do some online searches for trivia about John Travolta, Joe Pesci and Kirsten Dunst.

My favorite Oscar nights have involved scorecards which you can find in Entertainment Weekly as well as online entertainment sources.  Competition is not necessary but it does add some extra fun and excitment to the night.

Want to add some glitz and glamour?  Ask your guests to wear something sparkly, or even an old prom gown if it still fits!  Have a box of bling available so friends can pose for photos wearing feather boas and fancy costume jewelry.

Party stores sell items to enhance your home's decor but you can easily and affordably glam up the place with a makeshift red carpet and some gold-colored accent pieces.

Will you be hosting or attending a party at the Jersey Shore on Sunday night?  Will you start watching early for all the red-carpet arrivals and interviews?