Hello, my name is Justin, and I'm addicted to candy.

My problem comes in waves though. I'm good for weeks at a time, and then a holiday rolls around, and a favorite seasonal treat goes on sale.

If I look at it from the beginning of the year, Valentine's Day would be the first - I love those candy conversation hearts.

Easter is up next, and I stock up on classic jellybeans and malted milk eggs.

I'm actually good for a couple of months after Easter. But Summer is no better when everyone is on the boardwalk with their pizza, sausage and peppers, ice cream, and italian ice.

Then the fall rolls around and Halloween candy comes out - those candy corn style pumpkins are my favorite.

And who doesn't love all of the sweet treats that go on sale for Christmas?

The weird thing is, it's only during those times that the candy does anything for me. I stocked up on the Valentine's Day hearts once, like bought bags and bags at an after-holiday sale, and I barely touched them. It must be something about the limited-time appeal.

So as I sit here and gorge myself on Brach's Classic Jelly Bird Eggs, I openly admit that I have a problem.

But at least Easter is only a few days away, and the craving will most likely recede as the Easter Bunny hops off into the sunset this weekend.

What's your favorite seasonal treat? Tell us in the comments!