This past weekend was what I would describe as a picture perfect spring weekend in Ocean County. It was sunny, warm, and low humidity. A couple of perfect days to forget about the awful winter that we just got through. But Mother Nature just reminded us who's really in charge around here.

After a trio of days in the 70s, yesterday was rainy and chilly, with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, with a nasty rain all day. And then last night, things got a little unexpected.

As the temperatures dipped and the rain continued, I started to hear the familiar tinkle of sleet on my windows. But when I went outside to walk my dog, I was surprised to see what I can only describe as, "sneet" - a mixture of icy snow and sleet.

It coated the grass, the cars, and of course the garden that I'd worked on tidying up this past weekend.

This morning, I even had to scrape some ice off of my car to start my day.

It just goes to show - even though the calendar says it's spring, even though we've already had a taste of Ocean County's amazing spring weather, Mother Nature is still in charge, and when she wants to throw us a curve, she will!

Do you have any pictures of yesterday/this morning's snow and ice? Send them in and we'll post them!

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