You've heard of curbside delivery, but what about surfside delivery?

The Deli at 5th Street, North Wildwood, NJ (Facebook)

More restaurants and eateries in South Jersey are offering food ordering and delivery to patrons right on their beach towel.

The idea is something new for Steve Hartzell, owner of The Deli on Fifth Avenue in North Wildwood, who started delivery this year, but already says the convenience is winning a lot of people over.

"Rather than pack up all their stuff and walk up off the beach, it's a lot easier for one of our guys to come down there than them lose their parking spot down at the beach."

Harry's Bar and Grill has been delivering food to residents on their stretch of beach in Cape May, and food and beverage manager, Jonathan Hirsch, says while people didn't know what to think at first, now their beachside sales top their dining room business on some days.

"So much so that we've actually had to hire more than one person taking orders and delivering food and things of that nature. We're even thinking about ways of using iPads and iPhones to take orders and do more deliveries out there," says Hirsch.

Hirsch notes it's great for families who don't want to pack up the kids during their day in the sun, as well as adults who are having too much fun by the water.

"We don't want people to leave the beach, we want people to enjoy themselves and any added amenity we can add is good for everybody."

The trend of beach delivery is taking off in other towns like Ventnor and Sea Isle city, both have a litany of restaurants willing to bring food to bathers. Drifters Feel Good Food of Sea Isle City is carving out an identity with its personality and beach delivery, while Uncle Oogies Pizzeria, also of Sea Isle City, has been delivering on the sand since 1996.

Hirsch says he wouldn't be surprised if the idea catches on elsewhere, especially since it's so appealing to hungry customers.

"How can you go wrong with not having to get out of your beach chair and having food delivered to you?"