The 68-year-old jetskier who touched off a lengthy search late Tuesday in Stone Harbor shows up stranded in Great Sound in Cape May County.

HH-65 Dolphin Coast Guard helicopter
HH-65 Dolphin Coast Guard helicopter (US Coast Guard)

Thomas Graham was spotted on his ride waving a flag at around 8:30 AM today, by a Coast Guard crew from the Atlantic City station aboard an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, authorities said.

Graham's wife reported him overdue Tuesday, sending Guard crews and New Jersey State police on a 13-hour search mission over some 68 square miles.

Petty Officer Second Class James Caliendo said that when he spotted Graham, his adrenaline kicked in.

"We circled Graham and hovered near his location," Caliendo said. "This alerted the others looking for Graham to his location. They came over, took him aboard another jet ski and transferred him onto a boat.”

Graham got precautionary care at Cape Regional Medical Center.